mandag 20. juli 2015

From Kiko with love!

Kiko is a happy little dog who needs a new home with caring people. He has lived at our place since Easter, as a foster dog. Kiko is a mix of something terrier like. When he arrived at our place he was injured, sick and nervous. Now he is happy and healthy. He sleeps in his cage during night time and when his foster mom, me Marie, is at work. The boy is trained not to bark, because although we live in Spain, I really dislike barking dogs. He is house clean, social and loving to all humans that comes in his way.

Kiko isn't a very happy swimmer, but when I carry him out in the water for cooling down, he really enjoys it. He's like a baby. We had a lovely day at El Chorro, swimming in the beautiful sweet water lakes of Malaga.

Kiko in swimming competition with my other dog, Wilma. I'm just floating behind.

Kiko loves children and children loves Kiko. He isn't to big or to small. He is about 11 kg right now. That's perfect. And compared with how skinny he was when he arrived, the progress is brilliant. Kiko is castrated, so he doesn't pee on every tree or on every lamppost.

Kiko enjoys some cuddling on my lap, even though he is trained not to jump on people or in furniture. This is of course a constant, ongoing training. He is not even aloud to enter my bedroom or the bathroom, except when he need a bath.  Unfortunately Kiko has Leishmania. This is a deadly decease. But as long as he gets his medication he is without any clinical symptoms. Best for everyone would be if he was adopted  of people living in Spain, with a big heart. Also people in Spain are aware of the decease and not to scared of it. He will not infect you or your other pets. Kiko isn't a sandfly, he is a loving dog who needs loving people.